What Military Coins Are Intended For

Even if the general public isn’t aware of the purpose for the custom military coins, the members of the military very well know what these coins are intended for. The unit or mission to which the coin is given needs to cherish the coin which symbolizes a memento that is meaningful to them. The military coins are personalized. And this means that every unit has different coin from the other group. The custom military coins are always carried by the members of a particular group in the military, regardless of the branch they are in. The Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines have their unique coins to show. Every branch of these departments has a personal insignia that portrays their division. Often, the custom military coins are offered for one’s courage and bravery in his duty.

The military coins are specially designed for the branch. Also, the designs of the coins have special meaning to those who receive them. They are called in many ways such as collector coins, honor coins, challenge coins and honor coins. These custom military coins can be offered by the commanding officer of a certain unit or one who has a higher position. Also, the President has awarded several individuals with military coins for their exceptional deed. These coins are not awarded lightly. They bear a special meaning for those who receive them as a way of expressing gratitude. The unspoken meaning that these coins carry is more significant and more expressive than words.


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